About Us

Welcome to Fowlet – Your Feathered Friends’ Haven!

Nestled in the heart of the web is a place where the clucking of chickens, the quacking of ducks, and the bustling of hobby farmers blend into a harmonious melody.

Fowlet isn’t just a website; it’s a community built for backyard animal keepers, by backyard animal keepers. A verdant pasture where eco-conscious families and hobby farmers find solace, guidance, and a flock of like-minded enthusiasts dedicated to the sustainable and joyous journey of raising farm animals.

Our Story

Fowlet began as a tiny seed in a vast field – an idea germinating in the minds of three friends with a shared passion for sustainable living and animal welfare.

As we tended to our own backyards, we encountered challenges and triumphs, sparking a desire to cultivate a space where knowledge and experiences could be shared with others on a similar path.

Our roots grew deep, our branches spread wide, and the fruits of our labor are here for you to harvest.

Meet the Flock

Emma Greenfield – Chief Content Creator
Emma’s hands have delved into the soil of her homestead and caressed the feathers of her cherished hens. With over a decade of experience in nurturing a variety of backyard animals, she’s the beating heart of our content. Emma’s wisdom flows from a well of practical, hands-on experience, and her articles are peppered with the kind of insightful tips that you can only learn through years of caring for animal friends. She’s not just a writer; she’s a guardian of life, ensuring that every word she sows helps your own flock thrive.

Jacob “Jake” Barnwell – Website Architect
The digital coop where Fowlet resides was crafted by the hands of Jake, our tech-savvy builder whose love for both form and function is unmatched. While you won’t find him with dirt under his fingernails, his keystrokes are as deliberate as the gardener’s planting. Jake ensures our website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitively navigable, so you can find the answers you seek with ease. A true connoisseur of user experience, he’s made certain that Fowlet is accessible to all, from fledgling farmers to seasoned sages.

Riley Thompson – Editor-in-Chief
Precision and care are Riley’s trademarks. With an eagle eye for detail and a hawk’s grasp on quality, Riley is the gatekeeper of our content’s integrity. Every piece that graces your screen has been tenderly pruned and polished by Riley, guaranteeing the information you receive is not only accurate but also digestible. Riley’s years of editorial expertise and personal involvement in local farming initiatives ensure that our commitment to high-quality, trustworthy content is unwavering.

The Fowlet Promise

Our team’s personal journey in backyard animal care provides a rich tapestry of experiences that inform and enhance our content.

We hold fast to the belief that authority is earned through continuous learning, sharing, and engaging with our community – and trust is the cornerstone of the relationship we build with you.

Even if we feel like we got this – We still rigorously research and fact-check our content before it hatches onto our site.

Our editorial process involves multiple reviews to ensure accuracy, and we are dedicated to updating our content when new information becomes available.

If you spot something that might need a second look, let us know – we value your vigilance as much as our own.

Join our Flock

At Fowlet, we welcome you to spread your wings and soar into the vast skies of backyard animal keeping.

Whether you’re seeking sustainable swaps for a greener coop or wrestling with a broody hen, we are here for you.

Together, we’ll explore the wonders of nature, nurture our feathered friends, and cultivate a future where sustainability and animal care go beak in wing.

Get in touch with the Flock

Reach out and say hello

Your feedback is the wind beneath our wings. If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to chirp about your feathered friends, reach out to us anytime.

For general comments: Emma
For website issues: Jake

contact @ fowlet.com

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